4 Reasons You Don’t Feel Forgiven

Four Reason You Don’t Feel Forgiven:

  1. You’re not.  Your relationship with God is not a forgiving, personal relationship. You might believe in a god but that doesn’t mean you have submitted yourself to Him, confessed your sin, and asked for forgiveness.
  2. You are lying to yourself.  You have not done a ruthless moral inventory of your soul.  You have not faced your specific sins.  As a result, the sin pattern remains.
  3. You have every intent of sinning again.  You treat forgiveness as a transaction – “Forgive me Lord,” and you know you intend to sin again.  “God is not mocked.  Whatever a man sows, that’s what he reaps.” Galatians 6:7
  4. You have not attempted to make amends.  To truly repent means you try, to the best of your ability, to undo the harm you have done to others.  This includes confessing to them that you have harmed them.

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