20 Things Forgiveness is:

Forgiveness is:

  1. Being released from the debt your sin made between you and God.
  2. Rebuking the old memories that taunt you about failures from the past.
  3. Having the old sin habits sanded out of your soul and new channels of grace forming.
  4. Seeing the world differently because you no longer think everyone is better than you.
  5. Being set free from shame that twists your behavior into something unnatural.
  6. Extending grace to people who hurt you, because you had grace extended to you.
  7. Feeling clean in the presence of God.
  8. No longer bracing against God for fear He will torment you with your stupidity; but instead finding no condemnation in His eyes.
  9. Knowing your sins have been hurled past the borders of the universe.
  10. Hearing the Judge declaring you “guilty” and then telling you that His son will pay your fine.
  11. Going to the promise that God will cover you with layer after layer of grace, so your sin is buried under the weight of His love.
  12. Feeling grateful to the One who forgives you.
  13. Jesus taking your burden of the past from you and putting it on Himself.
  14. Your soul dancing because God has done for you what you could not do for yourself.
  15. Feeling a deep peace because your soul no longer wars within itself.
  16. Agreeing with God about the truth of your life, the mess you’ve made of it, and how much you need Him.
  17. Being set free from being the victim.
  18. Not bought with trinkets you bring to God hoping to buy it, but is extended to you as a gift.
  19. Changes your future forever.
  20. What you need.

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