4 Places in your Soul that need to be cleaned

4 places in your soul that need to be cleaned:

  1. Your heart/will needs to be cleaned.  We make too many decisions not based on what Jesus wants, but on what we’ve done before.  Clean out the old reference points.
  2. Your mind needs to be cleaned.  Old thought patterns need to be redirected.  When feelings arise, you need to check them out before you act.  Are they based on old values and memories not yet touched by the grace of Jesus?
  3. You body need to be cleaned.  No, I’m not talking about juicing.  I’m talking about evaluating your habits and appetites.  Have you cleaned up destructive habits?  Have you cleaned up your appetites so they lead you to health?
  4. Your relationships need to be cleaned up.  You need to forgive.  You need to confess how you have harmed people.  You  need to make amends where possible.

Ready to get cleaning?

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