5 Things you can learn about Leadership From 1 & 2 Kings in the BIble

5 things you can learn about leadership from 1 & 2 Kings in the Bible:

  1. The Leader sets the example.  When the Kings seek God, the nation does.  When they don’t, the whole nation goes astray.  The Leader sets the values.
  2. Arrogance guarantees failure.  Rehoboam arrogantly thinks he out do his Dad Solomon.  He winds up splitting the Kingdom.
  3. Someone wants to harm you.  Note the number of Kings who were assassinated.  Leaders can’t escape this reality.  They can only prepare.
  4. When the leader is distracted, vision is lost.  Solomon got distracted by many women – and he stopped being wise.
  5. Every leader is left a legacy to either clean up or embrace.

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