7 Steps to Finding a New Church Home in a New City

In answer to the question “how do you find a new church home in a new city?”, here are some thoughts

  1. Pray for God to guide you.
  2. Remember you won’t find in a new church what you had in the old.
  3. Know your spiritual gifts and how you can serve. For example, if you are gifted and called to work with children, go to a church that has children!
  4. Visit a service. Ask:
    1. Was I fed spiritually?
    2. Did I connect with anyone?
    3. As I prayed during the service, did I sense the Spirit say to me “This is your place.”
    4. If you have family, get their input.
  5. Visit the church a second time. Find a group if they have Sunday morning groups, or try a weekday group.
    1. Did you connect with people in the group?
    2. Can you see yourself doing life together with these people?
    3. Was there someone in the group you could see yourself calling at 3 AM if you had a crisis?
  6. If the visits go well, commit sooner rather than later. If they don’t, quickly move on to try another church.
  7. Remember the most important thing is be where God wants you, not where you feel comfortable!

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