Directions 7.9.2015

The $5 Challenge…



 DIRECTIONS by Dr. Clay Smith, Lead Pastor

$5 will still buy some things:

  • Four items from the Dollar Store (allow for tax)
  • A cup of coffee from Starbucks
  • A McDouble, small fry, and small drink at McDonalds
  • A 20 oz. drink and a candy bar at the convenience store
  • Dove Deodorant
  • Four Southern Maid doughnuts
  • 2.1 gallons of gas (which, depending on your vehicle, will get you as far as Columbia or as far as the next gas station)

This year if you give $5 more to Alice Drive each week, you will invest in God’s work.  His church will be able to:

  • Print 5 pamphlets for Homepoint Center to help families
  • Provide 5 bags of cookies to help welcome first time guests
  • Purchase the rights to a worship song we will sing on Sunday and Monday
  • Provide a pizza for Student Ministry
  • Buy snacks for 20 children during VBS
  • Enable us to mail the Compass newsletter to a family for three months

Starting this month, we are asking each  of you to accept the $5 challenge.  If you give nothing, start giving $5 each week.   If you give regularly, start giving $5 more each week, beyond your normal gift.  If you tithe, step out and give $5 more each week and make the move toward generosity.

If 800 families of the 1000 families that make up ADBC accept the $5 challenge, our ministry budget will be on sound footing for the entire year.

We want to be responsible for the opportunities God gives us.  So join with me, and let’s all accept the $5 challenge.



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