Tuesday Celebrations 7.7.15

Good Morning Good People of Alice Drive!

I hope you enjoyed Ask the Pastor. If you missed it, check out the podcast/video here: http://www.alicedrive.org/home/watch-listen-online-2/

This Sunday/Monday: VBS Begins! I’m praying for 1000+. The message is “What is the best move?” and YES, we will have Monday night worship.


Top Five things you never want to hear during VBS week:

  1. “VBS finished at 8:30? I thought it ended at 9:30!”
  2. “Yes this is my child, but he didn’t learn those words from me. Must have learned them from his father…”
  3. “It’s 6:30 – has anybody seen the four year old leaders yet?”
  4. “What do you mean the Rec leaders played hide and seek and now we can’t find them?”
  5. “The National Weather Service has issued a Thunderstorm Warning for your area. Stay inside…”

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