Directions 6.25.2015

They will know we are Christians by our love.

How do we handle the future in South Carolina knowing what last week gave us?  As followers of Jesus Christ, we are supposed to love.  In fact, we are supposed to love in such a way that the world will see Jesus in us.  The world is supposed to look at how we relate to one another and be led to believe that because of how we love each other, and them, it must be supernatural.  That there is no way that such a deep sincere love could only come from us.  Actually, that kind of love cannot come from only us.  It has to come from God.

We are flawed, every one of us.  Therefore, our love is flawed.  If I love someone in Jock’s name that love, even in sincerity, will have something broken in it.  Whether I like it or not there will be a bit of an agenda behind that love.  It may not be as deep as it could be because I may see them differently than I should, differently than God sees them.  The only way I can love them correctly is if God gives me this love and I, then, let it pass on to them.  The action that grows out of this love is grace.

The antithesis to love is hate.  We don’t need God in order to hate.  We are really good at it.  We are so good at it we have found reasons that it is okay.  It will take me farther in work (even though I have to step on a few people).  It will get me more money (even though I will not be able to give to the needy).  It will protect my family (even though we won’t be able to serve those in need or to even build relationships with our neighbors).  We don’t see this as hate, it is getting ahead, it is the pursuit of………..  The action of hate is anger or obstinacy.

Jesus assures us that his love is available and is transmittable.  John 13:34-35 states that we are to love one another as Jesus loves us and that in that moment the world will know we are His by that love.  So it is possible to love more and more and hate less and less.  This love, which transcends all prejudices, all hate, and all agendas is attainable even in this very moment.  Pray that love and grace will abound and pray that it will begin with Jesus and us.  Let the world see all of us, see me, see you through the love of Jesus in us.

Pray, ask, receive.


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