Directions 5.28.2015

All Wagged Out…

Moo, my son’s dog, lives with us while Abram is in graduate school.  Recently we decided that he needed to socialize with other dogs.  Okay, actually we decided we needed a break one day a week.  We signed him up with one of those places that will take care of your dog for the day.  Some people call it “Doggie Daycare.”  I prefer to call “sanity preservation.”

Moo has had a ball with the other dogs.  He plays hard all day and then collapses at home.  Moo worn out means a more restful evening for us.

Last Friday, Moo went off to play as usual.  He came home “plumb tuckered out,” as my Aunt Neta used to say.  We noticed his tail was down, and he wasn’t wagging it back and forth as usual.  By bedtime, we knew something more serious was up.  He wouldn’t lay down, wouldn’t sit, wouldn’t sleep.  He kept wondering through the house.

I thought eventually he would settle down and sleep.  Gina, with more empathy than me, stayed up to try to help him get comfortable.  I drifted off to sleep, and woke up at 3:00 AM, realizing Moo and Gina were still awake.  He was hurting so bad, he couldn’t sleep.  We gave him some aspirin and he finally settled down.

The next day, his tail still dropping, we took him to the vet, worried about what it could be.  The vet did a careful examination, turned to us with a smile, and said, “I think he has strained his muscles in his tail and his back legs.  Was he playing with other dogs yesterday?”  We said he was, and the vet replied, “We see this sometimes.  A dog will be so excited to be with other dogs, he will wag his tail so much he strains his muscles.  His drive to have a good time wears him out.”  We were given a bottle of pills and told to let him rest as much as possible.

On the way out, I paid the bill:  $70.  Seventy dollars to cure the dog that was so happy, he was all wagged out.

I was tempted to grump and grouse about a dog who didn’t know his limits.  On the other hand, I thought about living a life where you are so happy you hurt yourself.

Then I wondered, “Have I ever been so happy with Jesus I had to go to the doctor?  Has being happy with Jesus ever cost me $70?”

Maybe Moo could teach me something.




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