Directions 4.30.15

What’s Alice Drive Worth?


How much is Alice Drive worth – in pure financial terms – to our community each year?

  • Volunteer hours serving in the community – $52,000 – @ $10 per hour.
  • Getting people off drugs and alcohol – $94,500 – @$15,750 per person.
  • Building enhancements (job creation) – $200,000 (half expenses are local wages).
  • Services to the poor – $75,000 – (direction contributions and assistance with Untied Ministry).
  • Divorces prevented – $20,000 ($2,000 per couple).
  • Suicide prevention – $800,000 (lifetime earnings of $200,000 per person).
  • Student encouragement and family support – $25,000 (encouraging students to make good choices and prepare for future @ $1,000 per student).

Granted these numbers are estimates.  I think they are on the conservative side.  According to Ram Cnaan, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, the average church contributes 10 times its annual budget in value to the community.

If this hold true for Alice Drive, our proposed budget of $2.6 million will have a $26 million dollar impact on our community.  Our return per dollar invested is the higher than any company or government organization in town.

But we all know that per economic impact isn’t what the church is about.  What is the value each year of:

  • 1450 gathering each week to worship?
  • Having the only worship option in the area for people who work on the weekend?
  • Loving 250 preschoolers each week?
  • Teaching 130 middle school and high school student the Bible each week?
  • And most of all, seeing over 100 people each year take the step of baptism and follow Jesus?

It’s priceless.

That’s why our Ministry Budget for 2015-2016 matters.  It’s our way of directing resources to critical needs so priceless work can be done.  Pray about your part.  Do your part.  It’s worth it.




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