Directions 4.16.15

My Kingdom …

Kevin Baugh has his own country—The Republic of Molossia—and if you don’t mind, he’d prefer you call him “His Excellency Kevin Baugh.” After all, he has an impressive khaki uniform with six big medals, a gold braid, epaulets at the shoulders, and a blue, white, and green sash. Oh—and a general’s cap with a gold starburst over the bill.

Never heard of The Republic of Molossia? That’s understandable, because it consists of Baugh’s three-bedroom house and 1.3 acre yard outside of Dayton, Nevada. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, “He has a space program (a model rocket), a currency (pegged to the value of chocolate-chip cookie dough), a railroad (model size), a national sport (broomball), and—in his landlocked desert region—a navy (an inflatable boat).”

The newspaper goes on to say: “Baugh, a 45-year-old father of two, is a micronationalist, one of a wacky band of do-it-yourself nation builders who raise flags over their front yards and declare their property to be, as Baugh puts it ‘the kingdom of me.'”[1]

Maybe Kevin isn’t so wacky.  After all, you and I do this.  We raise a flag over our souls and declare that we are in charge.  Then we are surprised when we find out people don’t recognize our kingdom.  We are outraged when cancer invades.  We can’t stand it when laws are applied to us; we think they are for other people.

When Jesus teaches us to pray “Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,” he’s telling us that we are better off under God’s rule than our own.  God’s soul is infinitely better than ours.  God is far more trustworthy than we are.

Everything in God’s Kingdom may not go according to our plan, but it will go according to His plan.  The question isn’t if God’s Kingdom will prevail; the question is when it will prevail.

I don’t think I want to live in the Republic of Molossia.  Kevin doesn’t sound like a very appealing King to me.  But I realize I don’t want to live in the Kingdom of Claylanda either.  The King there doesn’t do a very superb job.

The best Kingdom is the one with the best King.  The best King, is the one who laid down his life for me and rose again with power for me.  His is the Kingdom for me.  And I hope, for you too.





[1] Colleen Mastony, “One Nation, Under Me,” Chicago Tribune (in the “Tempo” section, 7-3-08)

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