Directions 2.19.15


Some quick updates about things happening at Alice Drive:

  • We’re celebrating the unanimous call for Delmar Peet to serve as our Pastor to Students and Families.
  • We continue to seek the right people to serve as our Worship Pastor and Children’s Pastor.  To date, we have reviewed 261 candidates for the Worship Pastor position and have done more than 20 interviews.  We are using a different process for the Children’s Pastor search, but have done 20+ interviews there as well.  Keep praying for God to show us the right person!
  • Thanks to Sarah Lee, Bobby Huguley, and the all the worship leaders for making sure that worship continues to be great here at ADBC.  Thanks also to Mandy Easton and Ashleigh Sease for providing great leadership in Children’s Ministry.
  • Renovations will begin in the next two weeks!  You will see the lobby painted (we need volunteers!); the curtaining in the worship center come down; the worship walls painted; and the flooring in both areas replaced.  We will also need volunteers to help us rip up carpet – destructive teenagers are welcomed!  This will provide a welcoming space for those seeking to take a next step toward Jesus.  We hope to have all this done by Easter.
  • Jock Hendricks has done a great job getting our parking lot team going!  This is helping us be welcoming to first time guests and creating a warm atmosphere for all who attend.  Be part of this ministry!
  • Monday night worship continues to be great!  We are averaging just under 150 per service – about 10% of Sunday morning worship attendance.  We see a bright future for this service and want it to grow.
  • During this season of being short staffed, I want to thank our entire staff team for pitching in and doing extra.  We are doing our best to make sure ministry moves forward for God’s Kingdom.  When you see a staff member, be sure and thank them for their hard work.
  • This year, we are sending mission teams to Honduras, Haiti, and New York.  It wasn’t that long ago, we weren’t sending any teams anywhere.  Thanks for being a mission minded people.
  • The Open Door Offering emphasis will begin soon.  To those of you new to ADBC, this is an opportunity to give over and above our regular offerings so doors can be opened for the gospel here in Sumter and around the world.  Give so others can know Jesus.
  • You may not know this, but Mark Partin and I have been leading Leadership Sumter for the Sumter Chamber of Commerce.  This is a way we are giving back to our community, by sharing what we have learned about leadership in this community.

Thanks for being a church where things are happening!  As always, email me at if you have any questions.



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