Directions 2/12/15

How It’s Made…

I confess I watch “How It’s Made” on the Science Channel.  I know this makes me a bit of a nerd, but it is fascinating to see how raw materials are formed into candy, helicopters, and vacuum cleaners.  Through pressure, heat, and assembly, something comes into existence that did not exist before.

How did your soul get made?  This is the question Darwin never tackled.  We all have a soul and we all understand our soul makes us who we are.  The soul is more than the sum of our parts; it is the combination of our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our relationships, and our eternity intersecting and playing out across the moments of each day.  Our souls are shaped by pressure, our souls experience the heat of emotion, our souls are assembled by the hand of God, each of unique yet holding much in common.

Everyone’s soul is broken.  Everyone’s.  From President Obama to Brian Williams, from Lebron James to Adrian Peterson, from Billy Graham to Bernie Madoff, everyone’s soul is broken.  The theological word for this is sin.  The results can be seen everywhere.

How do you fix a broken soul?  How do you fix your broken soul?  You must understand how it is made.

God gave you a heart so you can decide.  If this is broken, you will make poor decisions.  Check your decisions; is your heart broken?

God gave you a mind so you could think and feel.  If this is broken you will think wrong thoughts and be trapped by destructive feelings.  Check your thoughts and feelings:  is your mind broken?

God gave you a body so you could have energy, strength, and health.  If this is broken, your body is enslaved by something that controls you.  Check your body: is it enslaved?

God gave you relationships so you could find community, intimacy, and grace.  If these are broken, you will be lonely, disconnected, and striving.  Check your relationships: are they healthy?

God gave you eternity so you could live beyond this world and its heartache.  If your eternity is broken you live hopeless and defeated.  Check your eternity:  is it broken?

All this is fixable through the grace of Jesus.  He understands your soul.  He knows which part to work on first.  You can try to fix it yourself, but no one in human history has been able to fix all that is broken in their soul.  It takes the Maker to fix what He made.  He understands how He made you.

I wonder if God is inviting you and me to sit down and watch “How It’s Made:  Your Soul.”  We might learn not only what’s broken, but also how Jesus will fix it.



2 thoughts on “Directions 2/12/15

  1. Pastor Clay,
    We attended Alice dr over 10 yrs ago and your(the Holy Spirit talking through you) sermons and blog still amaze me. The visuals you paint touch my soul (a broken And redeemed one). We still love and miss the good people of Alice dr.

    GOD bless


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