Directions January 1, 2015

The With God Life…


For the soul to be well, it needs to be with God. – John Ortberg


Christmas is passed for this year.  It is the great remembrance of how much God wants to be with you.  He left the comfort of heaven to live in this world He made and we messed up.  That’s why one of the names of Jesus is “Immanuel” – God with us.

The page of the calendar turns this week, and a new year stares us in the face.  In this year of 2015, I want us to ask ourselves an obvious follow up question from Christmas: Do we want to be with God?

There are times I don’t want to be with God, to tell the truth.  Like the times I want to say something destructive and hurtful.  Like the times I want to covet something someone else has.  Like the times I want to ignore a destructive pattern that eats at my soul.

But when I do have those “with God” moments, what a different life!  I’m relaxed and non-anxious.  My life expands beyond my next chore and my next task.  My soul opens up and I see God at work in my world, making it His world.

What would happen in my life if in 2015, I filled it with as many “with God” moments as possible?  What if I saw people the way God sees them?  What if instead of being anxious about my performance and appearance, I rested in God’s love for me?  What if instead of wanting and longing for something, I was content with what God blessed me with?

What if I learned the simple discipline of asking myself, “Is God here in this moment?”  If the answer is “yes,” how much joy would I find by discovering what God was doing?  If the answer is “no,” what would happen if I sought Him?

I don’t want to call this a challenge, because many of us will shy away and think this is only for the super godly.  Think, instead, of this as an invitation extended to you: “Be with God in as many moments as possible in 2015.”

That invitation is coming from our Father, who gave His Son to be with us so we could be with Him.

Being with God as much as possible this year might give you a different life.  In fact, I’m sure it will.  It will be life your soul was made for.



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