Directions 11/27/14

Thankful …


As we close 40 Days of Community, I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for your response to the Miracle Sunday/Monday challenge.  You gave generously.  You made generous promises to give through the end of the year.  Thank you.

I’m thankful that 106 of you tried a group for the first time.  You took the courageous step of walking into a group and saying, “I’d like to know real community with you.”

I’m thankful for great staff team.  They have all worked very hard during this time when we are without three pastors.  They serve and sacrifice because they believe in what God is doing here at Alice Drive.

I’m thankful for stories of groups serving together, fellowshipping together, and doing life together.  One person expressed it this way, “Someone commented last night that there is a different feel to ADBC. She could not put her finger on it, but I think it is the excitement of being a part of something larger and greater than ourselves.  ADBC is opening doors to the ‘poor in spirit.’ Our family seems less cynical than before.  I truly believe God is with us.”

I’m thankful for a chance to speak to our students for the past five weeks.  The experience has taught me to love and cherish them as they explore meaning and faith in Jesus.

I’m thankful for God’s great grace upon this church.  He has chosen to use us for His purposes.  We’ve been able to come together and see Him do things only He can do.  His hand is guiding us and I am convinced He is preparing us for an amazing next step.

Forty Days of Community is a beginning, not an ending.  This Thanksgiving, remember to give God thanks for all His blessings.  Remember to also give Him thanks for what He is doing with His people called Alice Drive Baptist Church.



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