Directions 11/13/14



Miracle Sunday/Monday …


Two years ago we started talking about needed updates to our building and technology to help us reach as many as possible for Jesus.  These were the projects we wanted to accomplish:

  1. Update our sound and video production to begin putting our services on the web and to start a live stream.
  2. To paint and replace flooring throughout the building.
  3. To replace the chairs in the worship center.

Throughout this project we’ve been clear we are not doing this for us.  The goal is not to have a nicer facility for ourselves.  The goal is keep this building, this tool, up to date so we will continue to help as many as possible take their next step toward Jesus.

Our church decided to make this journey in steps.  We’ve accomplished the first phase; the new technology has been purchased, installed, and is being used.

Our next step will be to purchase new chairs, replace the flooring in the lobby and the worship center, and paint these areas.  We currently have $138,000 on hand.  We need an additional $70,000.  This will give us the amount we need to refurbish our lobby and Worship Center.

The remainder of the building will be renovated through Ministry Budget funds.

We want to do this project in 2015 so we can be ready to reach out to our community in 2016, when we will celebrate our 60th anniversary as a church family.  If we get our building ready in 2015, we’ll be ready for the blessings I believe God has waiting for us.

Miracles happened when God’s people come together and believe in God’s promises more than they believe in their fears.  I want us to see such a miracle.

This Sunday/Monday, let’s make a miracle together.  Let’s each bring an offering over and above our regular offering so we can be part of the miracle God wants to us to do.

Some of you struggle financially.  You can still be part of this miracle.  Let God lead you to the amount you need to give.  Some of you have been very blessed financially.   What gift can you bring that will help a miracle happen?

What is required great faith to ask God what would please him, and what your part of the miracle will be.

Looking forward to a miracle,


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