Better Together – Directions 10/9/14

Better Together

Even atheists long for community.

A church-like atheist establishment called “Sunday Assembly” is being established across the Western world.  To date, 58 of these assemblies have formed in the United States. A new chapter was recently launched in Rochester, New York, and congregants say the fellowship meets a unique need in the area.

Derrick Stein, 29, drove almost 80 miles from his home in Camillus, New York,  to experience the unorthodox service with his wife Danika who had been searching for a group like this for a long time. “She grew up pretty religious,” said Stein.  “She misses the community, but not the church.”

God never designed you to do life alone.  Even atheists know this.

Jesus never designed His movement to be done solo.  His first and best gift to us was the church. When we follow Him, we are part of His family, His group, His body.

There are still people who erroneously think you can follow Jesus without being part of His body, the Church.  Jesus never taught this.  This idea comes from our idea that following Jesus is mostly about going to heaven.  It’s not.  Following Jesus starts right here in this time and space.

Jesus wants you to learn to love people like He does.  That means spending time with them, knowing them, doing life with them, and going on the adventure of following Jesus with them.

This is why we are doing 40 Days of Community.  We want every ADBC attender to join a group.  You don’t have to join forever, just for 40 days.  See if God teaches you anything.  See if God grows your capacity for relationships.  See if God helps you connect to someone who might help you.

40 Days of Community is an adventure we’re on together.  I hope you will be here for every Sunday/Monday and you will connect with some believers to share this journey.

Even atheists know the journey is meant to be shared.




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