Directions 9/18/2014 – Forty Days of Community …

40 Days of Community begins October 12th.  This is a seven week focus on Knowing Real Community together.   It caps our year of learning to love each other like Jesus.

Why are we doing this?  When God made man, His first observation was “It is not good for man to be alone.”  We were made for relationships.  That’s why God made woman, and gave man and woman a family.

But all our families are broken.  So Jesus came to die for our sins and to be resurrected so we could have the power for a new life.   Part of the new life is to have a new family, called church.  In this new family, we love each other like Jesus loves us:  giving grace, forgiving, encouraging, empowering each other.  This means all can be part of this new family, whether married or single, widowed or divorced, parents or not parents.

Like every family, we have to learn how to be what God has created us to be.  That’s why we talked this year about Pursuing God (the 1); Being Together (+12); and Being Real (+3).  All this equals Church (=C).

To be church means we know each other, we invite others to share in this family joy, we serve together, we give together, and we celebrate together.  In short, we do life together.

So why are focusing on something we should be doing all the time?  Gary Thomas told us the story of John Wooden, the greatest college basketball coach of all time.  Coach Wooden began the first practice of every season by instructing his players on the proper way to put on your socks.  Most teams didn’t do this.  Those teams didn’t win 10 NCAA championships.  Coach Wooden knew the importance of the fundamentals.  If your feet hurt, you don’t play well.

40 Days of Community is a chance for us to review the fundamentals, to remind ourselves we are family, and to dedicate ourselves to being real community, loving each other like family.



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