Directions 9/11/14

Where I Worship…


I attended a worship conference last week with our worship team in Orlando last week.  We heard some amazing Christian groups share their songs.  I have to admit – I didn’t like some of the songs; but I did like some of the songs very much.  Some of the songs felt like God spoke straight to me.


Have you had that moment, that moment when it feels like God is speaking straight to you?


I had a moment like that during the conference walking around a lake one morning.  The sun was sending out streaks of light from behind soft blue clouds.  God whispered, “See the beauty I can create.”


Orlando is only 60 miles from the ranch.  While I was in the neighborhood, I made the trip home.  Seeing the cows in grass up to their bellies – I was reminded of the goodness of God in the world, that He makes the grass the cows eat, and the cows make the steak I eat.  Steak is one of God’s good gifts.


I went into the ranch house and caught a smell from my childhood.  My sister made guava jelly (of which 12 precious jars are now in my possession) and that sweet guava fragrance perfumed the house.  You don’t know it, but heaven will smell like guavas.  I thought about how good God is to make something that smells so wonderful.


Gary Thomas, who will be with us this Sunday and Monday, wrote a book called Sacred Pathways.  He identifies nine common paths people use to love God:

  1. Loving God through nature – being in beautiful creation.
  2. Loving God through your senses – appreciation for what you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.
  3. Loving God through traditions – rituals and symbols invested with meaning.
  4. Loving God through solitude and simplicity – being alone with Him.
  5. Loving God through confrontation – standing up for justice and the least of these.
  6. Loving God through loving others – being with others because you see Jesus in them.
  7. Loving God through mystery and celebration – being in awe of His greatness and celebrating His uniqueness.
  8. Loving God through adoration – speaking and singing praise to Him.
  9. Loving God with your mind – understanding the mysteries of His ways and thoughts.


Which way is the right way?  It depends on who God made you to be.  Some of these come very naturally to me; others require some discomfort.  No matter how God wired you, respect all the ways people love God; and make sure you love Him in all ways possible.


Not so long ago, people would ask, “Where do you worship?”  It was taken for granted that you worshiped somewhere.  There was wisdom in that old question – everyone worships somewhere, something, or someone. 


Where do I worship?  My goal is to worship God, to love Him, in every place He leads me.  Open your eyes; He is there, waiting for your love.







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