Directions: The Best Husband I Ever Knew…


The best husband I ever knew married his bride, though he was well aware of her flaws.  Love changes the way you see a person.


The best husband I ever knew gives his bride a lot of grace.  When she makes mistakes, he forgives her and gives her another chance.  And another.  And another.  When his bride forgets to check in, when she lies about where she has been, when she avoids him – he waits patiently.


The best husband I ever knew keeps pointing his bride in a different direction.  The direction doesn’t always seem right to the bride, but the husband waits patiently for her to make up her mind, and then walks with her toward a new challenge, toward a new hope.


The best husband I ever knew makes his bride prettier than she really is.  Somehow, when he is with her, she has a glow she never had before.  It is like he is transferring some of his good looks to her.  I’m not sure how he does it; I’m only sure that when she is with him, she is much more attractive.


The best husband I ever knew never left his bride alone.  When he had to be absent, his Spirit seemed to stay with his bride.  She only needed to pause and remember him – it was like he was still there.


The best husband I ever knew listens to his bride.  He listens to her when she makes no sense, when she rants and raves, when she makes unreasonable demands and calls into question his love.  He does not react as she pours out raw emotion.  Sometimes he says nothing back; he is just there.


The best husband I ever knew isn’t a dictator.  He has definite ideas about his family: what they should do; the values that should guide them; the mission for them.  But he seems to know that enforcing these brings hollow action with no passion.  So he gives great latitude.  His family often gets it wrong.  But when they get it right, it is glorious, passionate living.


The best husband I ever knew is incredibly faithful.  He promises his bride that he will never leave her, never forsake her.  All through their long marriage, he hasn’t.


The best husband I ever knew, ironically, never had what we would call a traditional marriage.  In fact, the real wedding hasn’t happened yet.  But husband is patient; he’s waiting for just the right time – when time finally stands still.


The best husband I’ve ever known is Jesus.  The church is his bride.  He loves us so deeply, he gives his life – before, during, and after the cross – for us.


As a man, it’s little uncomfortable thinking about Jesus being the husband and me being the bride.  Like, really unsettling. 


But then he looks me in the heart and say, “You love your wife like I love mine.”  Suddenly, I wonder if I am man enough.

To all the husbands out there – are you man enough to love your wife like Jesus loves his?









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