Tuesday Celebrations


Good Morning Good People of Alice Drive!

Big Thoughts from Sunday/Monday:  If you follow Jesus, you have been transformed at the deepest level of your soul – you once were dark, now you are light.

Let’s Celebrate 219 Backpacks donated to United Ministries by ADBC!  And 37 people who participated in the School Prayer Walk yesterday.

This Sunday/Monday – we wrap up the @myself series.  Jock will be preaching in his new role as Outreach Pastor!


My advice to all the students heading off to college:

  • Learn to do laundry this week.  Your mother will not be coming to your dorm room to do it for you.
  • Washing your sheets exponentially increases your chances of the opposite sex speaking to you.
  • Food that turns green must be thrown out.  Contrary to what you think, it does not march off to the trash by itself.
  • You can adjust your sleep cycle from 2 AM to 12 noon.  Enjoy it for four years.  Then you will be back to the real world schedule (Citadel students, ignore this).
  • Trying to prove your professor is ignorant will equal an “F.”
  • Call your parents.  This will results in continued funding.
  • In two weeks, you will want to come home.  In two months, you will want to skip Thanksgiving holidays so you can stay on campus for the big game.
  • Anything posted on the internet, stays forever.
  • Pray every day – not just before the final exam.  That’s good advice for life!


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