Directions – Great VBS Stories

We had a great week at VBS!  I wanted to share with you some of the amazing things we saw God do:

A 1,000 pairs of shoes…

A few months ago a woman was moved by a story of a group collecting shoes to help people in Third World countries create businesses. It was a double mission project because Operation Christmas Child would receive a donation in return.  Even though she attended a very small church, every time she thought of this project she envisioned a 1,000 pairs.  She began to pray to be able to collect 1,000 pairs of shoes.  In telling some of her sewing friends at Alice Drive, about her mission to collect a 1,000 pairs of shoes, connections were made to our VBS program.  This became one of their mission projects and the children of VBS collected well over her stretch prayer of 1,000 with over 1,500 pairs of shoes in one week.  

Crying for Jesus …

Little Elayna cried several times throughout the nights of VBS and when comforted she said, with the biggest smile, “Every time I think about Jesus, I cry.”

A Servant’s Heart…

Last year Chris and Michelle Cernagalio were living in Sumter and served as fantastic light and sound technicians for VBS.   They have since moved to Italy but happened to be back stateside during VBS.   They chose to come to Sumter to volunteer again this year.  They said they could either spend a week at the beach or be here serving God – for them it was an easy choice.   A local family put them up for the week because there literally were no rooms at the inn.   Now a new bond has been formed and both families have been blessed beyond measure.  Chris and Michelle truly have a servant’s heart and wanted to give back to a church that has meant so much to them.   

Behind the scenes…

Everyone knows that it takes months of preparation and volunteer hours to get VBS up and running.  One unsung hero of VBS this year is Kristy Archibald.  She has worked tirelessly to get VBS prepped, organized and ready to lead children to Christ–not only for here in Sumter but also for the two mission teams headed to NYC and Miami.   Those teams picked up boxes she had prepared that were ready to use for each day.    She made it easy for these teams to focus on the mission field rather than the prep work and she did it precisely. 

Two Children Sponsored …

Piggy banks, coin stashes and spare change drawers were all scoured by kids attending VBS last week to donate to Compassionate International.   Through all those nickels and dimes, two children will be sponsored for two years by the Children’s Ministry.   They will also receive birthday, Christmas gifts and notes throughout the year from our children.    Children learning to share with children leads to adults learning to share with adults.

Seeds planted …

While attending VBS last week, one young girl spoke to her parents and teachers at her home church and will be baptized there next week.    It’s not about Alice Drive; it’s all about helping as many people as possible take their next step toward Jesus – wherever they do it!



Thanks to Nancy Lee Zimpleman for collecting these stories for me!

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