Tuesday Celebrationsn 7/8/14

Good Morning Good People of Alice Drive!
Lots of great questions during Ask the Pastor! If your question didn’t get answered, feel free to email it to me: wcsmith@adbc.org.
Two big things start next Sunday: VBS begins Sunday night @ 6 PM. Plus we will start a new message series: @myself #newme on Sunday and Monday. Yes, we will have Monday worship even during VBS! It will be a great opportunity for you to bring children and stay for worship with a friend you invite!
Top Ten Rejected VBS Themes:
1. Highway to Holiness
Playing in the Road For Jesus
2. Balam’s Wild & Crazy Donkey Ride
It’s a Flying, Talking Donkey. Well, Talking Anyway.
3. Jacked Up
Living the Caffeine Filled Life
4. Fleein’ Sodom & Gomorrah
Don’t Look Back & Get Salty
5. Bears, Baldness & Bouncing
Come Jump Around With Elisha’s Friends
6. Jammin’ With the Judges
It’s Crazy Times in Ancient Israel
7. Driving Early
Get on the Road to Adventure Without a License
8. Snarknado
Enough Said
9. Crusin’ The Megiddo Valley
Where the Blood Runs High
10. Snake Island
Shaking Off Danger With Paul

-Aaron Earls.

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