Tuesday Celebrations 7/2/2014

Good Morning Good People of Alice Drive!

Big Thoughts from Sunday/Monday:  Follow Jesus First; Be a Citizen second.  Give Him your best energy and time; trust His values; Join in His work!

Don’t forget “Ask the Pastor”  on July 6/7.  Send in your questions on the website alicedrive.org

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few very stressful weeks.  Stress is a time when I get tempted.  So if you are in that stressful time too, let’s pause together, take a deep breath, and remember God is in charge of the world, not us.  That’s what’s so amazing about grace!


The teacher looked over her third grade class and happened to notice her two students, Eddie and Dan giggling and talking during her lesson. “Well, since you two are obviously listening so well, let’s see if you can answer this one!” The teacher said with a smirk on her face, almost knowing that the two children would not know the answer to the question. “What is the proper name to use when referring to a cow that has just given birth?” There was a moment of silence, then a little hand was raised. “Dan? You know the answer?” asked the puzzled teacher. “Umm… yeah!” He replied with a not-too-sure look on his face. “Well, let’s hear it.” “You would call her de-calfenated!”

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