Tuesday Reflections

Good Morning Good People of Alice Drive!

Graduate weekend touched my heart – yes because my last child was one of those recognized; but also because many of our seniors I have known their whole lives. Celebrate our graduates and tell them you are praying for them! Yes it will make them uncomfortable, but they will remember it and give thanks for you.

Big idea from Sunday/Monday: Who you follow is who you become.

This Sunday: Frenemies. What do you do when your friends are toxic?

Pray people will give generously to the Open Door Offering! We want to reach our goal of $130,000 by June 30, 2014


A man was driving down a local street one day and approached a stop sign. He barely slowed down and ran right through the stop sign after glancing for traffic.

What the driver didn’t know was that a policeman was watching the intersection. The policeman pulled out after him and stopped the car two blocks away.

Policeman: “License, registration and proof of insurance please.”

Driver: “Before I give it to you, tell me what the heck you stopped me for, man.”

Policeman: “Watch your tone sir; you ran the stop sign back there!!”

Driver: “Man, I slowed down, what the heck is the difference!?!”

The police officer pulled out his night stick and began smashing it over the man’s head and shoulders.

Policeman: “Now, do you want me to just slow down or stop!!!?

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