Prayers Answered …


Twenty years ago, Alice Drive took an amazing step of faith, and called a young, 34 year old pastor with a lot of ideas (and some fear in his heart) to be their pastor. These are my journal entries from twenty years ago:


December 15, 1993 (after first contact from Pastor Search Team)


As we explore Alice Drive, help me be open, not run ahead, be sensitive to your desires. I think Gina is right: We need to look for the place where we can love the people and can best serve you. Please show us that place.


February 15, 1994 (After Pastor Search Team extended invitation to come and serve)


Thank you Father for pouring out a rich blessing – a house, a church, an opportunity. I deserve none of this. Thank you for your blessings. Prepare the way at ADBC. Melt some hearts with your Spirit. Bring openness. I know what is needed is not me, but you.


June 2, 1994 (after first day on the job)


Do a great work at ADBC, Lord. Let us be successful by your standards. Help me be bold where I need to be, gentle, wise, loving, passionate. Be with ADBC. Help us be who you wish us to be.


June 6, 1994 (after first sermon as pastor)


Lord, thank you for yesterday. I pray we began on the right foot. Help me adjust to these people – and meet their spiritual needs.


June 8, 1994 (after a week on the job)


Lord, my eyes have been opened. I do not believe I can do your work here unless I am a good steward, unless I depend completely on you.


June 14, 1994 (after second sermon)


Father, I have seen you at work. Slowly but surely you are opening hearts and lives and are providing a way for a people to see a new vision. I pray it will continue


So twenty years later, I can say without a doubt, God heard my prayers. The adventure of being your pastor has exceeded my every expectation.

What are you praying that will take God twenty years to answer?




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