Tuesday Celebrations

Good Morning Good People of Alice Drive!

Big Ideas from Sunday/Monday: God made you to need a 3AM Friend. So ask God to make you ready to be a 3 AM Friend, send you these kinds of friends, and most important, make Jesus your 3 AM friend.

Operation Inasmuch is this Saturday at 9:00 AM. Let`s go and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our Open Door Offering goal for Missions is $130,000. To date we`ve received $37,347. Let`s be the cash of Jesus as well! Please give a gift over and above your regular offering so we can help people step through the Open Door.

One day a little girl was sitting on her grandpa’s knee playing with his long beard and patting his baldhead, and asked “Did God make me?”
“Yes my dear” her grandpa replied.
“Did God make you?” she asked. “Yes, he did” he replied again.
She then said “Well, He sure does a better job these days doesn`t He?”

One thought on “Tuesday Celebrations

  1. To prove what a great job I’m doing with first grade Journey kids….Sunday , I was reading from First Peter when one of the first grade boys raised his hand. I know about First Peter. First Peter was very sick with allergies and Jesus put his hands on his head and healed him, ” he said, as he demonstrated by touching both hands to his head. ” He looked a lot better after that.,” he said.


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